The key to facilitate employment for the people with disabilities is to identify the most appropriate occupations category complemented with a suitable work environment. Guangdong Disabled Persons Information Industrial Park in the Nansha District of Guangzhou is the first and the largest employment base for people with disabilities in China. This park is dedicated to explore new employment opportunity for the disabled in the information era, and provide a platform for social enterprise who realize the potential of people with disabilities, commit to foster an environment of diverse workforce, engage with the local community, and pay attention to people with disabilities. Most importantly, the park believes that thorough such employment opportunity and working environment will ultimately improve disabled persons’ self-esteem, self-confidence, self-independence and contribute positively to the society.

Guangdong Province Disabled Persons Information Industry Park, formerly known as Guangdong Province Disabled Software and Animation Industry Park, recognized by the Guangdong Provincial Federation of Disabled Persons as an information industry park establishment. The park offers 700 contact centre job placement for the community with an aim to fulfill a large proportion of positions by the people with disabilities.

Guangdong Province Disabled Persons Information Industry Park is strategically located to serve the China, Hong Kong and Macao and Southeast Asia market. The park and Guangzhou EPRO Information Technology Company Limited (GZ EPRO) are committed to provide an end-to-end professional contact center service and solutions such as business process outsourcing, call center consultation and training, facility management, and contact centre system.

Guangzhou EPRO Information Technology Company Limited (GZ EPRO) is the management units of Guangdong Province Disabled Persons Information Industry Park and one of the first batch of enterprises to operate in the park. Also, GZ EPRO obtained the “Value-added Telecommunications Business (Contact Centre Business) License” and undertaking the “Guangdong Disabled Persons Contact Centre Service” for Guangdong Disabled Persons’ Federation.

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